The purpose of the 公共安全 website is not emergency notification — this is an informational resource regarding preparation for and response to safety, health and weather emergencies.

In the event of any emergency on campus, dial:

  • 911 – Emergency to contact local law enforcement and other emergency response personnel
  • 411 在校园电话或 419-574-3861 from (off-campus phone) to contact the Department of 公共安全

欢迎中心:拨分机. 0 on a campus courtesy phone.

Reach Out应用 (free smartphone resource guide)

Emergency Response at Lourdes

The Lourdes community and the general public will be notified and receive updates via:

  • 通过校园电话传递的信息
  • A message on the Lourdes homepage
  • A text message to your mobile phone and email using the LourdesALERT 系统
  • A text message to additional phone numbers that you designate through the LourdesALERT text messaging 系统
  • Notification via on-the-ground public safety personnel

The general public will be informed through the following methods:

  • 媒体的信息
  • Updates on the Lourdes homepage

在紧急情况下, Lourdes’ goal is to communicate first with those most immediately affected; people who need to evacuate or seek medical treatment, 例如.


Lourdes contracts with Continental Security for coverage on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lourdes works closely with local law enforcement agencies and state and county law enforcement, as well as with municipal fire departments, 以确保快速, timely response to emergencies on campus.

Lourdes’ 411 service operates all day, 每一天, to respond quickly to any and all emergency situations. Security cameras are posted throughout campus buildings and security personnel respond to all incidents on campus. Lourdes has agreements with the Sylvania Police Department to provide back-up assistance in times of need. The Sylvania Fire Department respond to fire and health emergencies on campus as well.

In addition, the Sylvania police patrol the campus on a routine basis.

Together we can continue to keep Lourdes a safe campus and ensure that when emergencies or accidents happen, their impact is minimized and a return to normal activity will occur as quickly as possible.

View the Annual Campus Security And Fire Report

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